Our Service

  1. Flow Meter Calibration
  2. Weighing Scale Calibration
  3. Safety Relief Valves Calibration & Adjustment
  4. Temperature Gauge Calibration
  5. O.W.S Calibration on Site & Lab
  6. O2 Fixed or Portable Meter Calibration
  7. H2S Fixed or Portable Meter Calibration
  8. Noise Level Test
  9. Bunker Hoses, Pressure Testing & Verification
  10. Fire Alarm Testing
  11. Vibration Test
  12. Thickness Gauging
  13. Safety Device Test
  14. Valves Pressure Testing
  1. Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning & Refrigeration (HVACR) Solution
  2. Electrical Repair Services
  3. Crane Solutions
  4. Mechanical Repair Services
  5. Main & Auxiliary Engine Overhaul
  6. Overhaul of Various Types of Pumps

Diesel Flow Meter (Fresh Water Flow Meter)

Our lab is capable of calibrating various types of diesel flow meters,flow range from 0.5 m3 to 200m3 per hour. The calibration  is achieved through a closed loop system,the measurement  is done by actual flow through the  master flow  meter  and subject  flow  meter  with  appropriate flow  rate, viscosity and temperature.

Our master flow meter is a German technology with computerized display and accredited from maker factory with high accuracy.The system is equipped with various air separators and control valves for better accuracy.

The normal time for calibration 5 days depend on job order,we value our client requirement,urgent calibration can be done on client request within two days.

We can arrange for collection the flow meter from your site and deliver it back to your door step with calibration certificates if your requirements are in Batam.

For overseas client,advise your forwarder address,we can collect and return the flow meter to your given address after calibration.

We provide a wide range of mass calibration services including balance calibration, scale calibration weight calibration and comparator calibration Our calibration standards are traceable we calibrate all weight calibration with internationaly tested load.

Pressure relief valves are designed to protect  a plant’s assets, physical and human; from  danger should an excursion occur in the process for which the valve is protecting. 100% reliability of that pressure relief valve asset is required. Efficient and safe production depends on the correct operation of pressure relief valves.

Our engineers and technicians are trained  on all types of torsion, slide, spring and pilot  operated pressure relief valves and with in-house engineering  support   will procure  and expedite ‘Original Equipment Manufacture’ (OEM) parts for any valve and provide quotations  for new or replacement valves.

Our  lab  consists  of  a modern   test  bench  with  the capacity  of calibrating various types  of thermometers and thermocouples from various brands with a wide range from -20oC to 500oC.

Our  calibration  team will provide you best services and will make sure that your all temperature devices are giving you accurate reading as per its manufacturer ratings. The team will adjust where its required adjustment.

Our lab has the capability to calibrate various types of bilge oily water separator alarm units on a test bench develop  mainly  to  verify  the reading  on a customer’s  bilge alarm  monitor for  accuracy compared to our Master calibrated unit. Our Engineers can also do the calibration  on site with an approved 15 ppm solution as well on client request.

Instrument calibration  is an essential first step in analytic and measurement procedures. Our lab is capable to calibrate all Fixed and Portable Oxygen Meters  and Combustible  & Toxic Gas indicators.

Far East calibration gas instruments are the best method  to calibrate your fixed or portable  H2S gas detectors.

If you have hydrogen Sulphide (H2S) gas at your facility and there is a possibility that people could be exposed to that gas,you are required to have sensors in the area of your facility where the H2S is stored. To ensure that your sensors are operating correctly,they must be calibrated periodically.

Our Lab technician is capable to conduct the hydrogen Sulphide Calibration on your company site.We are looking forward to connect with this facility.

Noise   level   surveys   are   conducted  using   a  sound   level   meter (SLM).  Noise   levels  are measured throughout  a workplace  and recorded   on   a  floor    plan   or   in   a  report  table. Noise   levels   above 85 decibels  (dBA) require further investigation. In Ontario, it  is mandatory to wear hearing protection  when  employee  daily noise exposure  is 85 dBA  or  more. If  it turns   out   that your company has a noise problem, then a  hearing conservation program is recommended to protect your employees’ hearing.

Anytime a process changes,it is advisable to resurvey the noise to see how it affects your employees.
It is recommended that a company do a “Baseline” noise level survey if one has not been done in the past.In instances where noise levels exceed 85 dBA, it is further recommended to do a noise exposure survey.

If you need a noise level survey,contact us to discuss your needs or for more information about our services.

Far East calibration (FEC) Pressure laboratory is committed to the achievement of industry best practice in the test and calibration of absolute and gauge pressure instruments.Our Iaboratory offers one of the largest pressure range capabilities in the field of calibration. With a testing and calibration range,we can satisfy most industry requirements. Highly experienced technicians provide specialized skills for a range of equipment,including pressure gauges,transducers and calibrators

Fire alarm systems are expected to help protect people, property, and assets. Our technicians will inspect all panels and devices to ensure your building is protected and occupants will be notified promptly in an emergency.

Our Technician conduct maintenance activities for fire alarm systems can be summed up in five steps.

1. Test and calibrate alarm sensors, such as flame and smoke detectors, per manufacturer specifications. This requires knowing about the different sensors-and their testing requirements, failure modes,and re-installation requirements.
2. Simulate inputs and test the annunciators. This requires specific knowledge of the system under test.
3. Set sensitivity.This requires an understanding of the particular system, the specific application, and fire detection theory.
4. Coordinate with fire department to test the input to their system.

5. Check the battery for corrosion and expiration date, then take appropriate action, if necessary.

FEC Engineering Solutions provides a broad range of vibration and shock testing services. We have a variety of vibration test systems of different sizes and broad test capabilities. Vibration and shock testing are important to achieving product quality. Our experience can help you choose the tests which will optimize your product’s design and reliability.

Automotive components are tested to simulate the effect of road conditions. Other products may be exposed to vibration during transportation until they reach  their final destination. Our vibration equipment is highly adaptable and can be customized to meet your special vibration test requirements.

We are the leading source of thickness gauges for the accurate measurement of nearly any material. Thickness gauges include a wide range of features available for enhanced gauge performance.

Ultrasonic thickness gauges can measure virtually most materials such as plastics, metals, metal composites,rubber and internally corroded materials. The instrument is capable of measuring the thickness of various materials with accuracy as high as 0.1/0.01 millimeters.